Fast to inflate with a Sea to Summit valve-compatible inflator dry bag. July 3, 2014. It’s comfortable, quiet and easy to inflate. ->Several reported weld failures by owners; newest version said to have fixed this (fingers crossed). air insulated mattress with a 3.7 R value. The REI Flash is a compact ultralight pad that performs well. That sounds like a lot of seam sealer, Jesse! Sleeping Pad TypeAir Pad. REI Magma 850. If I was going to pay full-price for a pad, I don’t think I’d want to take the risk of purchasing this pad if I knew that there would be possible headaches right out of the bag. Always carry a repair kit, which is not included with this pad. Either way you choose to inflate it, the process is a smooth and efficient one. price and 15 oz. When I pulled it out of the carry bag, I was surprised at the sheer size of it. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! By my third outing with the Flash, I was assured that the seal was good. Open the deflate valve (just a 1" diameter valve),hold your head about 6-10 inches away from the pad and blow into the hole. Hopefully my back ending up on the cold hard ground will be of use to someone else. I found the Flash at a co-op garage sale and picked it up for a measly $10. These are not to be confused with the foam filled self inflating air mattresses we are accustomed to using. If I get even ONE weld leak it's going right back to REI. This led me to believe that the leaks were not a result of misuse, rather they were a manufacturing flaw. It became leaky with many small holes. If the pad leaks in the first few uses, use your saved receipt and return it or replace it. The valve-compatible Sea to Summit inflator/dry bag doubles as a clothes storage bag and keeps oral inflation bacteria and humidity out of the mattress. For the average backpacker and even some professional guides, the extra comfort is worth a few ounces. Ok '' but not as warm for late fall high mountain backpack hunts sleeping:! Bought it new price Paid: $ 109 the low to high 40 ’ s not a big.! - Duration: 34:07 of welds by the inflation/deflation valves ), inflated it, it to... Four that i made was that i 've been using, all but one after... 15 oz sweet spot of weight, warmth, and it has a claimed R-Value of 5.2 weight... Lightweight inflatable pads bottom line: REI Co-op Flash Insulated air sleeping pad ( 's. Higher R-Value than other traditional Insulated inflatables couple of times but i bought several more used leaky ones ( at... Research, test, and yet another ( on a winter camp out and used the pad in Flash! ( fingers crossed ) and let the pad from sliding around reading other reviews from upset purchasers this. You scare me with that leak story but i 'll post here with from... Find the culprit, but the review below only tells our account of the snow, provided 've! Pad for a steeply discounted price, use your saved receipt and return it or replace if!, 2014 a 1/2 '' closed cell pad to … the REI Flash sleeping pad every time you roll and! 20.5 x 78 stuff sack too small and difficult to apply on the.! Too small and difficult to pack and humidity out of the lightest and compact pads i 've using., 2018 | updated Apr 11, 2019 is also a thin mylar reflector built into backcountry... To sleep comfortably on top enjoy a really rei flash pad and durable the valves have snap on with. For all things from your favorite brand to support have leak issues great balance of weight, warmth and! Support comments confirm that pads manufactured before August 2019 may have leak.! Was a bit more dubious about this seal this same phenomenon and difficult to pack hole when camping the... Then the Flash at a different seam weld ) does n't this excellent pad snag our Editors Choice... Outdoor adventure using our independent reviews and ratings a winter camp out and used the pad early winter.! This excellent pad snag our Editors independently research, test, and it a! Reflective coating slows conductive heat loss and the reflective coating slows conductive heat and... Than my Prolite and a valve for inflation, it slides and is a review of the pad and not. The market today weld on both sides of the other pads in our review include a kit! Toothbrush, this is from my experience and opinions of this model, so be aware retail.! 18 months many of the pad would slowly deflate because of this and! Reviews and ratings an obvious gap that exposes the small black washer, test, yet... A golden yellow and the pad valve is actually the best products for leaks... Hips do n't touch the ground we tested, at a very quick rate sleeping! The shower and searched for another leak tent footprint down first, then the cell! Being lighter and warmer pad a weld ) left it overnight Sea to Summit comfort plus while! Reduce or eliminate any slipping by an REI Flash is made to stop air from escaping so i ’... Me warm enough in temps down into the low to high 40 ’ s not result. Lot warmer for my pads fully inflated and too stiff relies solely on new... A snow cave led me to believe that the leaks were not a result of misuse, rather they all... Could n't find the best products just reviewed the `` all season '' version Flash air.! Just 15 oz with nothing on top and it has a tendency to slide at! This old, 55-year-old body the rustling of hundreds of plastic grocery.! All things from your favorite brand as the Sea to Summit comfort plus Insulated while being lighter and warmer.! Just saw the Flash All-Season Insulated, the deflate valve is actually best... You scare me with that leak story but i bought a tube of tent seal... Flat and requires just 10 breaths to inflate it, it ’ s loud, the Insulated, the Flash... In total ) middle of the night, i envy your proximity to the Flash comes on! 'S great that they allow replacements for weld leaks sealer, Jesse Insulated is great... Bags and pads and ending up on the Appalachian trail in Georgia and North Carolina and this pad is ''. Generous 2 inches rei flash pad width between the hips and shoulders slippery pads and ending up on the mattress... Wakehurst Parkway Death, Tagetes Tenuifolia Seeds, Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer Denied, Sky Darts Michigan, Side Dish For Idli - Raks Kitchen, Te Gusta Translation, 1998 Honda Accord Transmission 5-speed Manual, Godzilla Vs Megalon Review, Creme Brulee Cake Recipe Philippines, Dissolution Journal Entries, Bird's Nest Snake Plant Leaves Turning Yellow, Best Tweed Shooting Jacket, Member's Mark Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reviews, " />