© english-for-students.com. Support; as, maintenance of valuables To carry on; to keep on; as, continue to beg tend, tent & tens These ROOT-WORDS are TEND, TENS & TENT which come from the Latin meaning STRETCH & STRAIN. ch_client = "Thangavel1"; ch_color_text = "0D3700"; . Untenable : un TEN able (un ten’ a b’l) adj. ch_sid = "Chitika Premium"; 12. ten, tain, tend = to hold 1. mountain 2. tension Due to sitting at work all the time, Mark has developed a lot of tension in his neck and back Form two real words by combining a prefix and/or suffix with the root … Tin definition is - a soft faintly bluish-white lustrous low-melting crystalline metallic element that is malleable and ductile at ordinary temperatures and that is used especially in containers, as a protective coating, in tinfoil, and in soft solders and alloys. ten-, tent-, tin-, -tain, -tainment, -tenance, -tinence (Latin: hold, grasp, have) abstain (ab STAYN, uhb STAYN) ( verb ) , abstains; abstained; abstaining Maintain : main TAIN (mane tane’) v. ten, tain, tend=to hold ten, tin, tent: hold: Latin: continent- serving to restrain or limit; detention- the act or fact of detaining, tenacious- having parts or elements strongly adhering to each other: ter, trit: rub: Latin Then illustrate that the word has the meaning of that root by using one of those words in a sentence. Tending to hold gogether firmly All words containing TAIN are listed here. Some images used in this set are licensed under the Creative Commons through Flickr.com.Click to see the original works with their full license. Play this game to review English. Dismiss Perhaps the easiest way to remember this root word is through the English noun tenant, for a tenant “holds” the lease of the property where she lives. A list of words that end with Tain.We search a large Scrabble dictionary for words ending with the letter or word you enter, and generate all words ending with Tain (words with the suffix tain). Start studying Tain, ten, tent root words. 1. These ROOT-WORDS are TEN, TENT, TAIN & TINU. 10. Contents : con TENT s (kon; tents) n. 19. Found 447 words containing tain. It’s a great place to start if you’re interested in adding a regularly scheduled word parts practice to your daily teaching agenda. The table below lists 120 commonly used Greek and Latin root words, prefixes, and suffixes. Discontented : discon TENT ed (disk on tent’ ed) adj. To keep; to hold secure; as, retain control of